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Create Teams in Performance
Create Teams in Performance

How to create Teams in Performance

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How to create Teams in Performance

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NOTE: This feature must be enabled by Product Support, email to turn it on.

We know that not all teams follow a hierarchy structure or reflect the exact hierarchy listed in your employee database. Cross-functional teams may emerge and include individuals from different parts of the business. An agile team or working group may launch temporarily for the purpose of a short-term or ongoing projects. Take for example a standard software delivery team, where members from different practices like design, engineering, and product management work toward a common goal.

For this reason, you can create Teams in the platform to support your teams no matter the organizational structure.

Learn more about Teams, including team roles and how to view, create and manage teams.

Team Roles

Team Lead

The Team Lead has the ability to create a team, add or remove Team Members from the team and delete, archive, or restore the team. Additionally, the Team Lead can edit team information and create team goals. The Team Lead role can be held by multiple people on the team, and is assigned in one of these ways:

  • The user is creating a Team, in that case, they are automatically assigned as a Team Lead.

  • An existing Team Lead adds the user to a Team and as a Team Lead(Teams can have more than one lead.)

NOTE: When adding a user to a Team, they can be a Member OR and Team Lead, not both. If they are a member, they will need to be removed from the Team before being added as a Team Lead.

Team Member

Team Members have the ability to view and create goals for the team.

Goal Owners

As the teams create goals, Team Leads and Team Members will be assigned as Goal Owners. Whoever creates the goal is designated as the Goal Owner by default. The Goal Owner can be modified at any time. Each goal can have multiple Goal Owners. Any Team Lead and Team Member can edit and update the progress of team goals, not just the Goal Owner.

Manage Teams

View a Team

To view a team, navigate to the Home page and click the Cross-functional teams tile, near the bottom of the page.


The "My Teams" section lists the teams you belong to. Just beneath it, the "All Teams" section shows you all other teams that have been created by your organization.

Go to a team and click View to see Team Members and view their team goals.

NOTE: Account administrators and HRPBs are able to download a complete list of teams and members.


Create a Team

To create a team, navigate to the Home page and click the Cross-functional teams tile.

Click the Create Teams button in the top right to create a new team. Add details to your team:

  • Team Name

  • Team Description (optional)

  • Team Lead(s)

  • Team Members

Keep in mind, whoever creates the team will be assigned Team Lead by default. Teams can have multiple Team Leads.


Edit, Archive or Delete a Team

Team Leads can add and remove Team Members, edit team information, and create goals. Team Leads can archive or delete a team. Keep in mind, archived teams can be restored and deleted teams cannot be restored.


Archived teams are moved to the archived page, pictured below. To view archived teams, click Archived Teams in the upper right on the Teams page. The goals of archived teams remain viewable.

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