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Manager Requested Feedback (outside a Performance Review Cycle)
Manager Requested Feedback (outside a Performance Review Cycle)
How to request feedback about your direct reports outside of a performance review cycle
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How to request feedback about your direct reports outside of a performance review cycle

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As a manager, you can easily request feedback about your direct reports at any time outside of a performance review cycle. Find and select Feedback in the top navigation bar, then click Anytime feedback. Select the Requests tile under Direct reports.

Select the Request feedback button in the top right hand corner.


NOTE: To request feedback about your direct reports within a Performance Review Cycle, see: Performance Review Cycle Guide for Managers and Employees

Select A Direct Report

Select a direct report to gather feedback about. Your direct reports display on the right side in a selection list. Find and select the desired person. Their names will be shortened in the selection list display. To expand the display and view the full name of each team member, simply click the arrow at the top of the selection list display.


Select Reviewers

Add one or more reviewers by searching for a person's name or email address in the "Request from" field. Once selected, you will notice default smart reviewer selections. This allows you to add your remaining direct reports or to add the person's own direct reports if they are a manager. Culture Amp will prompt suggestions based on interactions between your direct report and the suggested reviewers, including request or complete feedback between the two people. Reviewers receive a pending task in their Todo list once the request is sent.


Review or Edit Question Template

Your Account Administrator has the option to provide default question templates for peer feedback and upwards feedback. If available, the upwards feedback default template will be sent to any direct or indirect reports of the individual you request feedback about. If additional reviewers are included, the template defaults to the general purpose, peer feedback questions.

While default questions may be provided, the template is fully editable be customized based on the experiences and circumstances of the team.

TIP: Take our Culture Amp Training course, The Performance review for managers, to learn about every step in the review process for managers.

NOTE: Your account may be hosted on our EU server, if so you will notice ".eu." at the start of your account URL. For customers on our EU server, please use this link.

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