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An overview of the Admins account dashboard

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An overview of the Admins account dashboard

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Account Admins

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The dashboard is the place to go to get a big picture overview of culture across your company.

By default, all Account Administrators will see the dashboard as their homepage. These admin users are able to easily share the dashboard with anyone who has access to Culture Amp, without having to make them an admin. We recommend sharing the dashboard with leaders who are involved with people and culture across your company, such as senior managers and executives.

It’s your company’s dashboard; as an admin user, you’ll be able to configure which insights to display, which factors to use, prevent certain demographics from displaying, toggle certain modules on or off, or even turn the dashboard off entirely.

Top Line Insights

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of things like Engagement, Engagement Related Turnover, Manager Effectiveness and Diversity and Inclusion. You can also configure the tiles to display any other factors you choose to survey for.

By default, we’ll always attempt to show a top line engagement score by selecting the largest, most recent survey.


Group Spotlight

The Group Spotlight is Culture Amp’s interpretive analytics tool. It’s a powerful algorithm that looks at your default engagement survey and draws out groups where making improvements will have the biggest impact to your overall engagement score. It also highlights focus area questions for each group.


The algorithm doesn’t just look at the scores for each group, but also considers:

  • The extent of whether the difference in that group is due to chance or not

  • The range of individual experiences within different groups

  • The number of people in a group that might be more responsive to change

  • How much change in that group will affect your overall score

At the moment, you won’t be able to tell the Group Spotlight to look at multiple surveys at once. We’re working on making that feature (and more) available soon.

Turnover Forecast

Our predictive analytics machine learning algorithm analyzes engagement and experience survey response data points from millions of employees worldwide (including hundreds of thousands of churned employees) to understand key probability signifiers of engagement related turnover. It then looks across all your major attributed surveys and highlights demographic groups that have a predicted turnover rate that is higher than usual.


In addition to highlighting the at risk demographics, the algorithm is also able to determine the factors that contribute to the turnover probability; enabling you to take proactive action.

In the above example, it’s easy to see that employees inside the “High Performing” demographic group are at risk because of factors such as Innovation and Career Opportunities. In this case, we would recommend taking a look at our Inspiration Engine to get help with implementing actions that target Innovation and Career Opportunities.

How do I get the Turnover Forecast to appear on my dashboard?

The turnover forecast relies on response data from attributed surveys to power its underlying model. It also relies on past employee data to work as an anchor to that model. To gain access to the turnover forecast, an account and at least one survey must meet the following:


  • has at least 12 months of employee data

  • data be reflective of employees entering and exiting

  • data can be uploaded in any way e.g. data files or HRIS syncs (we do not infer entry and exit from experience surveys)


  • has a minimum submitted response count of 30

  • has been completed in the last 12 months

  • has an index factor, preferably engagement

  • has gone out to at least 50% percent of the company

  • has at least 1 standard engagement question

  • has some demographics that are larger than the minimum n sizes for participation, n = 15 or 5% of the company, whichever is larger. These minimums cannot be configured.

  • has some demographics that are under the maximum size: 75% of the company


The dashboard also has a trend module. This works the same way as the trend module inside of reports. The trend will be based on your default engagement survey (the same one as your default top line engagement tile and group spotlight). We’re working on allowing you to show different types of trends on the dashboard.


When more than one survey meets the above criteria, we will select the largest survey.
It may be possible for this to be manually adjusted; please reach out to our Product Support Team to check

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