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Chrome browser extension for Performance
Chrome browser extension for Performance
An overview of the chrome extension available for Performance customers
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An overview of the chrome extension available for Performance customers

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Account Admins

UPDATE: We have made a decision to remove the Chrome extension from Culture Amp. This means that the Chrome Extension is no longer available for download and will be removed from all downloaded users’ accounts effective 30th June 2023.

After a thorough review of the Chrome Extension, the customer benefit it generates relative to expectations, and its alignment to our future plans for the Culture Amp platform, we have made the difficult decision to deprecate this feature. By deprecating, we will be paving the way to focus on new and better ways to give and request feedback, view goals and capture important notes in the flow of work.

Up until 30th June 2023 users who already have the extension installed can continue to access and use it as expected.

NOTE: If your account is hosted on the EU data center the Chrome extension will redirect to the US Data Centre login page. To access, EU Data Centre users need to modify the login URL by adding ".eu" after "identity" and before "" e.g:

The Chrome extension was set up to allow users to give feedback to colleagues, as well as request feedback, review goals and capture notes directly from their Chrome browser.

For those accounts that already have this feature installed, simply click on the Culture Amp icon in your extension toolbar (located to the right of your address bar) to start start giving and requesting feedback. This can be accessed regardless of what website you're viewing.

Give and request feedback

From the feedback tab, you can easily give feedback to or request feedback from a colleague.

When giving feedback to a user, you can only provide feedback to a user via the Continuous feedback module and share it with just that user.

If you'd prefer to request feedback, simply select Request on the feedback tab and provide a quick note.


View goals

From the goals tab, you can review a colleague's goals, as well as drill in for additional detail or leave a comment. You can also view your own goals from the extension.


Take notes

From the notes tab, you can maintain private notes on a colleague or direct report - capture feedback for later or maintain a list of talking points for an upcoming 1:1 or performance review. All notes seamlessly sync with the user's dossier, accessible during an upcoming performance review or while responding to feedback in the web app.


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