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Goals, 1-on-1s, Skills Coach Product Updates 2023
Goals, 1-on-1s, Skills Coach Product Updates 2023
A running list of Goals, 1-on-1s, Skills Coach Product Updates through 2023
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A running list of Goals, 1-on-1s, Skills Coach Product Updates through 2023

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24 Apr 2023 - Save highlights and challenges from 1-on-1 conversations for your performance review

Each 1-on-1 conversation is an opportunity for individuals to reflect and share successes and challenges with their managers. Now, both managers and individuals can choose to save these highlights, and opportunities for growth, in their employee profile, for easy access when writing performance reviews.

5 Apr 2023 - Goal usage reporting now based on Goal Owner

The Goal Usage Report now displays data based on the Goal Owner to provide more accurate statistics about created goals. These statistics now no longer count as a goal towards the creator but rather the owner. This will help when leaders, HRBPs, or admins when creating goals for other individuals to own. Learn more.

22 Mar 2023 - 1-on-1 reminders via Slack

Individuals will get a friendly reminder to complete their 1-on-1 check-in via Slack, two business days before their next conversation. People leaders will be reminded the day before to review and add any agenda items.

We’ve baked self-reflections into each 1-on-1 to give your people the opportunity to pause and reflect on how they’re doing so they can bring the most pressing topics to the table. Sending timely reminders about where your people spend their time, in the flow of work, ensures they make the time and space to reflect, ready to make the most of precious time with their leaders, in the conversation.

22 Mar 2023 - Calendar sync for 1-on-1 conversations

Managers can now link 1-on-1’s in Culture Amp, to event invites in their calendar for easy scheduling changes. This can be done as part of setting up a new 1-on-1, or existing conversations can be synced from the Calendar Sync page.

This will save managers time, no longer managing a schedule in two places, so you and your team know your agenda items and notes will reflect the date and time from your calendar, making it easier to keep track of important information. In addition, with calendars as the source of truth, managers have all the flexibility available in frequency, start time, and duration of the calendar to schedule their conversations to suit them and their people. Learn more

21 Feb 2023 - 1-on-1 Mark off discussed agenda items

Keep track of what has been discussed and what needs to be discussed easily in your 1-on-1 conversations.

13 Feb 2023 - Calendar Integration 1:1’s - Early Access Program

Connect 1:1’s to your calendar

Calendar Sync makes managing 1-on-1s easier by linking 1-on-1s in Culture Amp to event invites in your calendar. This means your calendar will be the place for all frequency and schedule updates. Once synced, Culture Amp will reflect your calendar event schedule automatically so managers can focus on 1:1 conversations and not the administration!

10 Feb 2023 - Updated goal reporting filters

Administrators now have a comprehensive way to slice goal usage information according to different scenarios.

Along with the existing Date, Department, Type, and Manager filters, you can also find the following:

  • Owner

  • Employee start date

  • Last updated date

  • Status

  • Priority

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