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Skills Customisation

Manage your employees development planning skills and skill groups

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What can I learn from this page?

how to customise the development planning template by managing your skills and skill groups

Who is this page for?

Account Admins

Account administrators have the ability to create, edit, and delete skills and skill groups. You can access the 'Manage Skills' section either from the 'Develop' home page or within your account settings. The overall purpose of this feature is to allow administrators to customize the development planning template that employees use.

These skills are displayed when employees select their strengths and growth areas within the development planning workflow and are incorporated into the aggregate reporting dashboard when selected. Newly created skills will not affect existing development plans - they will only impact employees who create a new plan after your changes have been implemented.

If you prefer not to customize the Core Skills, you can use the default options provided by our People Science team.

Note: It is not yet possible to modify other aspects of the development planning workflow.

Details on how to use this feature are covered in this demo πŸ‘‰ Skills Customization Demo

Moving to competency-based development plans

In early 2024, Culture Amp will transition from skill-based development planning to competency-based development planning. This means that when employees create a development plan, they will be able to select competencies from Career Paths as strengths and growth areas instead of skills.

This will be a gradual transition implemented in five stages. Once complete, the customized skills section of the Culture Amp platform will be deprecated.

Details on what this will look like πŸ‘‰ Competency based development planning demo

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