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Account Dashboard is being deprecated on 1 December 2023
Account Dashboard is being deprecated on 1 December 2023

Our plans for the Account Dashboard and what’s coming next

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Our plans for the Account Dashboard and what’s coming next

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Account Administrators

We’ve been hard at work developing our new People Analytics offering, starting with Retention Insights, launching in November.

People Analytics has been specifically designed to help you answer your most critical people and culture questions faster. It will combine your people data with our market-leading expertise to surface comprehensive answers to your most challenging questions around retention, performance, development, and more.

This exciting new functionality will replace the Account Dashboard, which will be sunsetted on 1st December. Over time, People Analytics will provide a suite of capabilities that represent significant enhancements to our current offering. And, most of the data and insights available in the Account Dashboard will remain available to you in other locations throughout our platform. For a detailed explanation of alternative locations for Account Dashboard insights, please see the FAQs below.

If you have any remaining questions or concerns after reading the FAQs below, please reach out to

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What is the Account Dashboard?

The Account Dashboard is part of the product that account Admins can access in the Home tab. It combines high level account stats with deeper insights (e.g. around turnover).

  • Configurable high level account stats tiles, such as “Engagement score in the last survey“

  • Engagement and employee trend chart

  • ‘Moments’ - a feature that allows customers to annotate the engagement trend chart

  • Group spotlight

  • Turnover forecast

  • Employee lifecycle chart

Why are we deprecating the Account Dashboard?

As we build out our new People Analytics functionality, we plan to take the most helpful parts of the Account Dashboard and continue to develop them to help our customers answer their most challenging people questions.

People Analytics is now the home for these types of insights in Culture Amp, in order to streamline platform navigation and make the platform easier to use we need to deprecate the account dashboard. Plus, our new functionality will allow us to iterate faster and bring more value to customers.

When are we deprecating the Account Dashboard?

We're targeting 1st December to deprecate the Account Dashboard. Retention Insights will be available to all Engage Customers prior to this in November.

Where can I find the information that is currently on the Account Dashboard?

  • High-level stats: Survey Insight Reporting

  • Engagement and employee trend chart: Retention Insights

  • Turnover forecast: Headcount and turnover will be shown in Retention Insights, along with new capabilities that provide significantly more insight ( Commitment Motivators and Group Turnover Analysis).

  • Group spotlight: No one-to-one replacement is planned, but current headcount, turnover per group, and groups with the highest turnover will all be available in Retention Insights.

  • Moments and the Employee Lifecycle Chart: At this time we haven’t planned a direct replacement, as current customer usage is very low. As we continue to build out Platform Analytics we will be working with customers to understand what data points are most important to them and help them drive the strategy behind their people initiatives.

What will happen to any added “Moments“? Can I export the data?

There is currently no way to export moments data directly from the platform. You are only able to export the annotated graph as a .png file.

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