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Preview reports during survey designHow to preview reports during the survey design process
Guide to communicating about an upcoming surveyHow to communicate an upcoming survey to your organisation
Create an authorization code for unattributed surveysHow to create an authorization code for unattributed surveys so that employees can use this to access the survey
Include additional self-report demographics in a surveyHow to set up self reporting demographic questions within a survey
Question types used in surveysThe different types of questions that can be used when designing a survey
Use demographic data in a surveyHow to use demographic data within a survey
Guide to populating Survey Translation Import templatesA guide to populating the survey translation import templates for your survey questions and communications
Guide for bulk uploading participants to your attributed surveyA how to guide for bulk importing your surveys participant list
Guide for implementing Demographic PipingThis guide is an overview of the process involved setting for demographic piping within a survey
Warning Text Required for Raw Data ExtractWhat the warning text required for the raw data extract will look like for for survey participants
Standard Report factorsAn overview of our Standard Report Factors
How to use Comment Replies in surveysHow to use comment replies in a survey
Add participants to a survey before launchHow to add participants to a survey before launch
Branching logic FAQsBranching logic FAQ's
Use answer branching rules in a surveyGuidance on how to use answer based branching rules in a survey
Set up a demographic branching ruleGuidance on how to set up a demographic branching rule
Guide to survey preparationA step by step guide to help with your survey preparation
Launch an attributed surveyHow to launch an attributed survey
Edit survey name and support detailsHow to edit your survey name and support contact details
Launch an unattributed surveyHow to launch an Unattributed Survey
Activate kiosk mode for employees without designated email addresses or computersHow to help survey participants without access to an email address or computer, to instead take the survey via a shared kiosk.
Choose account demographics during survey launchHow to select and de-select demographic filters on your survey
Guide to survey launch: employee dataHow to set up your employee data and account demographics to get the most out of your survey reporting
Use alternatives to the agreement scale in surveysAlternative options for the agreement scale in survey
Guide to survey launch: launch phaseA guide to launching your survey
Guide to engagement survey design workbooksAn overview of the different types of survey design strategies, with a survey design workbook for each scenario
Configure mandatory survey questionsHow to configure mandatory survey questions within your survey design
Configure report factors in survey designGuidance on how to configure factors in survey design
Preview a surveyHow to preview a survey
Guide to designing a surveyA guide to designing a survey from the user experience to survey outcomes and focus areas
Guide to using our survey project plan templateA guide to using our survey project plan template
Guide to using mandatory questionsA guide to using mandatory questions within a survey
Guide to promoting your survey before launchA guide to promoting your survey before launch
Guide to planning your survey project and timelineA guide to planning your survey project and timeline
Guide to survey launch: question designGuidance on our template questions and how to design an effective survey
Confidentiality protections in ReportingThe different levels of confidentiality protections available in survey reporting
Create a surveyHow to create a survey