Survey Communications
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Use name or preferred name for user communicationsUnderstanding the differences around the use of Name vs Preferred Name in the platform
Modify sender name on email communicationsHow to modify the sender name on email communications
Manage bounced emailsGuidance on how you can manage bounced emails
Update survey communications using variablesHow to use variables to customise your survey communication emails
Guide to distributing kiosk codesA guide to exporting and distributing kiosk codes
Communication Email VariablesHow to use variables in your survey communications
Guide to communicating about an upcoming Inclusion survey and email templatesA guide to communicating about an upcoming Inclusion survey and email templates
Survey invitesAn overview of the different ways survey participants can receive a survey invitation
Customize your survey communicationsHow to customize your survey communications
Resend survey invitations and reset surveys responsesHow to resend invitations and reset survey responses
Schedule additional survey reminder emailsHow to schedule additional reminder emails for an Attributed survey
Create a video to showcase confidentiality settings to your organizationGuidance on creating a video to showcase your surveys confidentiality settings within your organization, ahead of your upcoming survey
Guide to thanking participants following a surveyA guide to thanking participants following a survey
Guide to incentivizing employee engagementA guide to incentivizing employee engagement