Employee Engagement Product Updates 2023

What can I learn from this page? A running list of Employee Engagement Product Updates through 2023
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6 Mar 2023 - Get more tailored recommendations for departments and teams across an organisation

We’ve made improvements to the way we calculate Impact and Focus. Now, when Survey Reports are filtered down to any group/demographic ( >25 responses), users can view impact and recommended focus areas relevant to that specific group. This helps HR, Leaders, and Managers understand what's important to unique groups and create more targeted action plans. Learn more


Feb 2023 -Retention - Early Access Program

Address turnover of key groups before it happens!

We know retention is top of mind for you. So we’ve focussed on this topic as the first example of our new approach to combining data from across the platform to generate holistic answers to your most important employee experience questions.

This new retention functionality combines HRIS & Engagement data to surface the earliest actionable turnover signals for key groups across your business, ensuring you can make important retention decisions with confidence and credibility. Offering you predictive insights into the most important factors motivating key groups to stay or leave, so you can target your retention initiatives for maximum impact.

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