Goals, 1-on-1s, Skills Coach Product Updates 2023

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13 Feb 2023 - Calendar Integration 1:1’s - Early Access Program

Connect 1:1’s to your calendar

Calendar Sync makes managing 1-on-1s easier by linking 1-on-1s in Culture Amp to event invites in your calendar. This means your calendar will be the place for all frequency and scheduling updates. Once synced, Culture Amp will reflect your calendar event schedule automatically so managers can focus on 1:1 conversations and not the administration!


10 Feb 2023 - Updated goal reporting filters

Administrators now have a comprehensive way to slice goal usage information according to different scenarios.

Along with the existing Date, Department, Type, and Manager filters, you can also find the following:

    • Owner
    • Employee start date
    • Last updated date
    • Status
    • Priority

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