Guide for adding safety questions to the engagement survey template

Culture Amp's Employee Engagement Survey template covers a broad range of factors contributing to employee engagement. However, you may be interested in adding in additional questions specifically addressing Safety Perceptions and Safety Culture.

While we don't have benchmarks for the following questions, we hope they may prove useful for you as you design your survey.

Below we have prepared some sample safety questions. There are more than would typically be included in a single survey. Therefore, please pick and choose the questions most applicable to your organization's culture and safety objectives.

If interested in suggestions from Culture Amp, please take a first pass yourself at choosing the most appropriate questions for your organization then contact us at

Note: Download these questions as an Excel file at the bottom of this page. 

Reporting Factors Questions
Safety - Overall I believe ACME is truly committed to the health and safety of employees
  I see health and safety is a focus every day in my [work area / team / department]
Safety - Leadership I believe my health and safety is a priority for my manager
  My manager demonstrates their commitment to health and safety by leading by example
Safety - Processes I understand my health and safety responsibilities
  I have a good understanding of my rights and responsibilities in relation to workplace health and safety
  I have a good understanding of ACME’s rights and responsibilities in relation to workplace health and safety
Safety - Concerns & Participation I believe any health and safety concerns raised would be made high priority
  I am comfortable voicing concerns or making suggestions about workplace health and safety
Safety - Policies There is regular communication between employees and management about health and safety issues
  Workplace health and safety is considered to be at least as important as production and quality
  Incidents and accidents are investigated quickly in order to improve workplace health and safety


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