Launch Onboard and Exit surveys

You can launch Onboard and Exit surveys by hitting the 'Launch Now' button on the 'Launch Plan' page. Unlike attributed surveys, survey responses for onboard / exit surveys are typically sent one at a time as a person enters or leaves an organization. Launching an onboard / exit survey simply activates the survey so that you can now invite employees to participate via the 'Start Onboarding' / 'Start Exit' buttons on the Responses page for that survey. 


Reminder emails

Reminder emails are sent automatically 7 days after the survey process has been started for a person. You can also push a reminder email manually using the Activity Report to look up a person's survey, and clicking send a reminder.

Editing an active survey

Note, once the survey has been activated you will still be able to make edits, however, you should take care if some survey responses have already been submitted by employees.

Closing an onboard / exit survey

Once the survey has been launched, you can close the survey from the Launch Plan page. Once closed, any employees that have outstanding surveys to complete will no longer be able to submit their survey. Typically, exit and onboard surveys run continuously and wouldn't be closed. 

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