Edit survey name and support details

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How to edit the survey name and support contact details

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The survey's Settings page allows for the name of the survey to be changed from the default name, and entry of support contact details for the survey.

Survey name

The name of your survey can be changed at any time. We recommend something fun and catchy that incorporates elements of your culture. If you have a nickname for your employees, or a company mascot, consider using this in the survey name to add some personality to the survey and let participants feel like the survey was tailor-made for them.

To change the name of a survey

  1. click the Configure link for a specific survey on your Surveys page
  2. click the Settings tab
  3. type the new name for the survey


The new name is displayed on the Surveys page, in reports and exports, and is used in future emails sent from Culture Amp. The survey name created on the Settings page is referenced whenever the %SURVEY_NAME% variable is used, such as in the survey emails and welcome screen when the survey is being taken by a participant.

TIP: Putting a year, or month in the survey name really helps when you run surveys frequently, or use the same name for your surveys.

Survey support details

By default, your surveys will display the phrase "contact us at" in the surveys emails and Welcome Screen when a participant first takes the survey.

It is possible to replace these contact details on the Settings page with your own organization's support details.

To change the support details

  1. click the Configure link for a specific survey on your Surveys page
  2. click the Communications tab
  3. enter the email address to be displayed in the Support Email field
  4. type the name of the person or team related to the support email address in the Support Contact field


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