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How to edit a survey

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Any Draft or Live surveys can be edited using the Questions page. When a survey has been launched, there are guidelines to survey edits in order to maintain the data integrity of the answers gathered. The following types of editing are available:

  • Change the name of the survey
  • Add new sections, remove sections, re-name sections, or move sections up or down
  • Add new questions, remove questions, re-word questions, or move questions up or down within a section
  • Change the question type (e.g. rating, free text, single select, etc)
  • Change the select options used for certain questions, or move options up or down within a question
  • Change the factor assigned for reporting purposes
  • Choose account demographics to be tracked in the survey
  • Maintain self-report demographics used in the survey

Settings can be edited at the account level by Account Administrators, such as timezones, logos and survey participant data.

To edit a survey

  1. Click the Edit survey button for a specific survey on your Surveys page
  2. Click the Questions tab
  3. Click the Edit Survey button (only required after the survey has been launched), then click Edit Questions, then Edit Survey again in the top left corner of the screen. This will unlock the editing options. 
  4. Click the Edit icon to edit a specific section or question (sections can be expanded using the Expand/Collapse icon), OR
  5. Click the Delete icon to delete a section or question, OR
  6. Drag and drop sections and questions to rearrange the survey layout, using the grip area to the left of the section name or question, OR
  7. Click the add section link to create a new section, OR
  8. Click the add question link to create a new question within a section, OR
  9. Click the preview icon to see a demonstration of the survey, OR
  10. Click the copy link icon to copy the URL to your clipboard, OR
  11. Click the pdf icon to open a printable version




Questions not shown to users

Some surveys may have a section called Questions Not Shown to Users. This is only viewed when using the Questions tab, and refers to survey questions that are hidden from survey respondents. This may happen for several reasons:

  • Questions have not yet been assigned to a section, e.g. a section was deleted and all the questions from that section are now 'orphaned'.
  • Exit or onboard survey questions that are only used internally, by a person who conducts an interview, or wants to make notes about an employee.

You may hide questions and move them into the Questions Not Shown to Users section by editing the question and selecting the blank option from the section dropdown menu.



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