Update survey communications using variables

A survey can contain a variable, or parameter such as %ACCOUNT_NAME%, which is used to represent a word or phrase. The benefit of using a variable is that if a word or phrase changes (for example, the organization is re-named), the text can be updated in one place in Culture Amp, and all the survey questions and emails will automatically use the new term.

Types of variables 

Variable Example Usage
%ACCOUNT_NAME% – the name of the organization ACME Corporation Set on Settings page for the account
%SURVEY_NAME% – the name used for this survey Engagement Survey 2015  Set on Settings page for the survey
%{respond_by} – the date the survey closes Jan 01 2015 Set on Launch Plan page using Communicated Closure field
%{respond_by_time} – the time of day the survey closes 5pm  Set on Launch Plan page using Communicated Closure field
%{respond_by_timezone} – the timezone of the date-time the survey closes EST (Eastern Standard Time) Set on the Settings page for the account
%{recipient_name} – the participant's Name   Set in Account User info. Used in Communications Templates for Attributed surveys

Using in questions vs. communications

In surveys

In order to use one of the above variables in your survey design in a question, you will need to format the variable a specific way. You will need to use the following format with just percentage signs on each end: %ACCOUNT_NAME%

In communications

In order to use a variable in one of the standard communications such as the invitation or reminder, you will need to add in curly brackets like the following: %{account_name}.

Note that the Welcome Screen and Reporting Rules pages only support %{account_name} and %{survey_name}.

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