Update demographics with the account demographics editor


The demographics that are pre-loaded against users as part of the Import Users process can be maintained using the Account Demographics Editor page. This is handy if you want to edit the spelling or name of a demographic that is still being used. You can also maintain the demographic values (available as drop-downs), such as changing the name of a Department, or adding a new manager to the list. If you need to change the demographics assigned to specific users, you still need to edit the user details, or do another Import Users process.

Note: When a department demographic is updated, any Department goals in Performance under that demographic are not carried over with the update and require will manual recreation. 

To maintain account level demographics

  1. Click the Settings button on your Surveys page
  2. Click the Account Demographics tab
  3. Click the add demographic link at the base of the page to create a new demographic, or
  4. Click the Edit to edit a specific demographic, including the Answer Details (values) or
  5. Click the Delete to remove a demographic

All changes apply to surveys in Draft status. Surveys that are Live, Closed or Archived are not impacted if the demographics were used in those surveys.  

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