Use alternatives to the agreement scale in surveys

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Alternative options for the agreement scale in survey
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We really like the Likert scale, which uses the agree format 'Strongly disagree' through to 'Strongly agree'.

But you may be running a different type of survey, where the usual agree format doesn't really work. We have some alternative scales that can be used, such as Importance or Satisfaction, which allow the questions to be worded in a more flexible way, rather than an 'ideal statement' that must be agreed/disagreed with.

All our scales use 5 points, but have different options displayed for each of the 5 choices.

Scale Left-most Left of center Center Right of center Right-most
Rating 1 2 3 4 5
Satisfaction    Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither satisfied / dissatisfied Satisfied Very satisfied
Quality Very poor Poor Fair Good Very good
Frequency Never Rarely Occasionally Frequently Very frequently
Performance    Awfully Not well Work in progress Well Superbly
Importance Not at all important Slightly important Moderately important Very important Extremely important
Focus Much less focus Less focus Maintain More focus Much more focus


We recommend you stick with one scale for a survey, rather than mix them up too much. Survey respondents get used to what the scale means when they take the survey, and you want to keep it simple and clear, rather than have them having to re-evaluate each question based on the available options.

To edit your scale, click on the question, then select the drop-down menu under Rating Type:


Only the list displayed is possible to choose from. It's not possible to create a custom scale that is displayed as a rating question.

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