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An overview guide to the Culture Amp engagement questions and alternatives you could use to structure your survey

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The following are our standard engagement questions in Culture Amp. These can be modified - however, they represent a great basis for an engagement index. If you keep these questions consistent, you can also use our benchmarks to compare against other similar organizations. Our engagement index contains 5 questions since Engagement is a multi-faceted concept. The general intent of each question is shown in bold:

Read on for a more in-depth look into each of our engagement questions, and alternative wording, or jump to the one of interest to you by clicking on the question above.

I am proud to work at ACME

This question is sometimes referred to as the 'party test' - would an employee be proud to tell someone where they worked if asked at a party? Scores on this question reflect levels of brand and mission affiliation.


Alternative question


I am proud to be associated with ACME

I am proud to tell people I work at ACME

I am proud of the culture we have at ACME


Typical benchmark: 80-90%

I would recommend ACME as a great place to work

This is our version of the Employee Net Promoter Score, assessing if your employees are advocates for your organization. We go into more detail on why we recommend asking this question in conjunction with other Engagement questions, and the merits of an 11-point scale compared to a 5-point scale in this article


Alternative question


I would recommend ACME as a great place to work to friends and family

I would recommend ACME as a great place to suitable colleagues

I often recommend ACME as a great place to apply for a job


Typical benchmark: 80-90%

I rarely think about looking for a job at another company

This is often referred to as a commitment or stay question and it is sometimes a reality check for companies that have very high scores on the other engagement questions. Like most questions though we don't use the word 'never' because such words usually lead to almost everyone disagreeing. This question also tends to show greater variation than other questions because even slightly disengaged employees start to consider looking elsewhere and this can lead to areas of companies showing quite low scores on this.


Alternative question


I’m not interested in looking for a job at another company

I rarely think about leaving ACME to work somewhere else

Even if I was offered a similar job for similar pay at another company I would stay at ACME


Typical benchmark: 55-60%. Scores below 40% are typically a strong indicator of potential churn.

I see myself still working at ACME in two years’ time

Similar to the present commitment question above but focused on future commitment. We selected 2 years because 1 year led to high scores, while 3 years had large neutrals. But you can change the time horizon to be more relevant for your industry. You can also combine this question and the present commitment one to form a retention index. 


Alternative question


I imagine I’ll still be working at ACME in two years’ time

I see myself still working at ACME one year from now

I see myself still working at ACME in three years’ time


Typical benchmark: 55-65%. Look in relation to your present commitment score above. If that is low and this is high that is cause for concern since you have employees that want to leave but plan on staying. 

ACME motivates me to go beyond what I would in a similar role elsewhere

This is a discretionary effort question and tries to tap into whether the company is energizing people to try their very best. This is for some people the most important question we can ask and even more important than whether people are staying or going - especially in industries or positions where tenure is accepted as being low anyway (e.g. part-time retail positions). Sometimes you may see this sort of question more simply as 'I am motivated to go above and beyond in my role' but this version has some problems. If you frame it as an 'I' question people will tend to view it as being about their own effort or laziness and rate themselves very high - resulting in little variation in scores. However, what we're really after is whether something about the company or their work motivates them and in the context of the type of role they have also.


Alternative question


ACME motivates me to try my best almost every day

ACME energizes me to do great work almost every day

ACME inspires me to do my very best 


Typical benchmark: 70-75%. 

If you are scoring low on a particular item, or the whole Engagement index, the driver analysis can help you identify the focus areas that could help you improve it.


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