Launch an unattributed survey

Culture Amp doesn't manage any communications with survey participants for unattributed surveys. Culture Amp simply provides a common link which can be emailed directly to participants.

When the link is clicked, a new survey response link is generated for the participant to complete. Launching an unattributed survey simply activates the survey link such that it can be completed by participants. Prior to being launched, any participants that click the link will receive a message informing them that the survey isn't activated yet.

Launch an unattributed survey

  1. click the Edit survey button for a specific survey on your Surveys page
  2. click the Launch Plan tab
  3. click the Launch Now button
  4. click the copy icon to get the link, authorization code and suggested text onto your clipboard for using in your own survey invitation email


TIP: Use the link copied to the clipboard as the survey link. Do not click the link, then copy the subsequent URL as the survey link, as this is a single survey response link and can't be used again (people will see a Thank You page is the link was used by someone to submit a survey). You need to use the link displayed on the Launch Plan page.

Editing an active survey

Note, once the survey has been activated you will still be able to make edits, however, you should take care if some survey responses have already been submitted by employees.

Closing an unattributed survey

Once the survey has been launched, you will be able to close the survey from the Launch Plan page using the Close Now button. Once closed, any employee that has outstanding surveys to complete will no longer be able to submit their survey. 

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