Issue Onboard or Exit survey to an individual participant

Launching Onboard and Exit surveys can by started by hitting the 'Launch Now' button on the 'Launch Plan' page. Unlike attributed surveys, survey responses for onboard / exit surveys are typically sent one at a time as a person enters or leaves an organization. Launching an onboard / exit survey simply activates the survey so that you can now invite employees to participate via the 'Start Onboarding' / 'Start Exit' buttons on the Responses page for that survey. Access the Responses page by clicking on the corresponding survey on the Surveys page.

When you send someone an exit survey and enter a 'Last day of employment' date, the system will automatically make that person inactive after this date.

Steps to start an Exit or Onboard process for an individual employee

  1. Make sure that your survey has been activated on the Launch Plan page 
  2. Go to your Surveys page, and click on the appropriate survey
  3. If you want to add a new user to Culture Amp and then include them in your onboard/exit survey, select the add user button to create a new usermceclip0.png
  4. Once you are ready, click the Start Exit or Start Onboarding button  
  5. Select the employee that you wish to exit or onboard. If you just created a new user, that user will appear in the list via search
  6. If you have an interview step configured, select the person that will be the interviewer
  7. Set the survey due date, interview due date (if interview step is configured), employee's last day (they will be made inactive after this date)
  8. Set the classification of exit (e.g. voluntary/involuntary, or regrettable/not regrettable as per your survey setup on Workflow page, Classify tab)
  9. Click Send
  10. Review status of exit activity on the Responses page
  11. On the Responses page, you will have the ability to view an individual's survey and:
  • select a classification for any surveys 'Awaiting Classification'
  • send reminders,
  • complete the survey on the employee's behalf,
  • skip the survey,
  • classify the survey,
  • reset a submitted survey,
  • re-open a process to allow more notes to be added, for example.

Under the Launch Plan page of your selected Onboard or Exit Survey, you'll now see options to configure the time that emails send and the number of days before reminders send (you will see slightly different results depending on whether you're configuring an Onboard Survey or an Exit Survey).

To view the various configuration options that will be presented for Manual, Automatic, or Full Workflow surveys in depth, click here for Onboard surveys or here for Exit Surveys.

NOTE: Exit and onboard surveys are usually attributed surveys where the individual's responses are available for viewing by the HR team.


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