Create an authorization code for unattributed surveys

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How to create an authorization code for unattributed surveys so that employees can use this to access the survey

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators


All unattributed surveys request that an authorization code be entered once a participant clicks the survey link.


The purpose of this step is to ensure it is a real person taking the survey, and not an automated process.

To set up the code

  1. Click Configure button for a specific unattributed survey
  2. Click Settings under the Survey Configuration heading
  3. Type the code in the Authorization Code field
  4. Click Update to save

Don't want your participants to need the authorization code?

If you want participants to bypass this step and be taken straight to the Welcome Screen when they click the survey link, you can put the authorization code in the survey link.

First, find your authorization code by following the steps above, and find your survey link by heading to the Launch tab of your Survey Configuration and copying the URL there. 


Just add &authorization_code=CODEHERE (replacing "CODEHERE" with your own code) to the end of the survey link, and the system will automatically use this code. For example, if your survey link was:

Code: abcd

You can make your link:


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