2018 Benchmarks

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Want to know why our benchmarks stand out?

Benchmarks can provide you with some additional and important insight. You can read some more about our general advice on using benchmarks here if you haven't already.

The following provides a summary of the available 2018 benchmarks. You can request any of these be included in your reporting dashboards. We'll assess the match to our core questions and you'll see the relevant benchmark data in your reports.

2018 Employee Engagement Benchmarks currently available

Industry Benchmarks

Flagship benchmark:

Other industry benchmarks:

Emerging benchmarks:

Learn more about our emerging benchmarks here.

Geography Benchmarks

Other Engagement Benchmarks

Note: There are 8 functional benchmarks available in 2018. If you work at a larger organization, you may get some value from these benchmarks, reach out to support if you would like to consider adding functional external comparisons to your dashboard reporting. You can read about the functional benchmark here.

Non-Employee Engagement Benchmarks

An important thing to consider when selecting benchmarks is that an exact industry match may not be necessary, or the best thing. You'll want to consider a comparison benchmark that captures where your employees come from and where they might be going.

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