08/20/18: New Action Feedback (get team feedback)


Our Action Framework has enabled managers and employees to take action. However, there was no easy way for managers to check-in with their team and get feedback on how effective was the action. With the new 'Action Feedback' feature, managers can now send a quick two-question survey to their team to measure how effective was their action.

We recommend that you use 'Get team feedback' after you had the action running for at least a month. 


To use Action Feedback: 

  • Go to Take Action page
  • Click on 'Complete Action'
  • Click on 'Get team feedback'



  • a confirmation message will be displayed, review details and click on 'Request feedback' to confirm 


  • Your team will receive an email with a link to a two-question survey asking them to rate the action 




  • As the results come in, the rating plus participation rate will be displayed against the Action Card on 'Take Action' page



For detailed information on how to use Action Framework and Action feedback, please review Taking Action with the Action Framework





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