08/20/18: The Comments and Text Analytics reports are changing (a little)

Today, we are rolling out the first of a number of changes to the the Comments and Text Analytics reports for Engagement surveys. These changes are designed to streamline the experience of viewing and understanding text feedback in our platform, and make it easier for our team to improve these reports in future.

As a first step, 'Text Analytics' will become 'Comments' in the site navigation, and the old Comments report will be retired.



But I loved the old Comments report! Can I turn it back on?

We try very hard to make changes like this reversible, but in this case it was not possible. The good news is that you're not losing any functionality – everything that you could do with the old Comments report is still possible. For example, if you'd like to see questions sorted by the number of text responses to each, you can do that in the Questions report, and if you would like to see only responses to a specific question, you can use the Questions filter on the Comments report. 

Text Analytics isn't very helpful for me – can it be disabled?

Yes! By default, your Comments report will show the topic sentiment bubble chart and topic and sentiment tags for each comment, but you can ask Support to disable this functionality at an account or survey level. Eventually we'll put this power in your hands, but for now you'll need to ask one of our team to do it for you.

I have strong feelings about the Comments report and Text Analytics. Can I share them with you?

By all means! Please send your ideas and feedback to and they'll forward them onto our product team. It's a great time to share your thoughts, because we'll be investing a lot of time in this part of the platform over the next few months.

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