05/01/18: Leadership 360 Survey

Culture Amp has developed a Leadership 360 survey with the purpose of providing both leaders and organizations with valuable insights into their current leadership capability. Aggregate data can guide global leadership development and training initiatives, while individual reports support leaders to focus on their own unique leadership strengths and opportunities.

"Our Leadership Effectiveness survey is a diagnostic instrument that helps individual leaders apply 360 methodology to gather actionable feedback and insights for personal development." 

Our 360 promotes a growth and forward focused approach to providing your senior leadership team with real-time feedback to foster a more productive and engaging work environment. Following the completion of each 360, leaders will receive a custom report with:

  •       Top identified strengths
  •       Top identified opportunities to focus on
  •       Easily digestible qualitative feedback
  •       Interactive action planning resources (coming soon)

Building a feedback culture and growth culture begins with Leadership. Leaders who demonstrate a commitment to their personal growth and development, set the path for all employees to follow.

More information about Leadership 360 survey

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