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A checklist to follow to set up your Inclusion survey

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Welcome to the D&I Survey Checklist! If you're here, it means you're getting ready to kick off the Diversity and Inclusion Survey with Culture Amp - congratulations! This article will give you a checklist to get up and running. There are 6 steps to consider. For some of them, you'll need our help - but that's okay, we're really helpful.

Kicking off this process will typically take 1-3 weeks. We strongly encourage you to start with our template; it's been built and validated with our partners at Paradigm. From there, consider what changes, if any, you'd like to make. Keep in mind that changes to survey questions may mean you don't benefit from external benchmarks (depending on how much the survey question changes). The remaining challenges revolve around getting familiar with the methodology and anticipating questions employees may have. Diversity and inclusion is a sensitive topic - after all, our unique social identities are complex! - so we're here to guide you through. 

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