11/07/18: Introducing draft 360s

Roll out 360s with confidence in your company

All 360s created by administrators are now be created as Drafts, with no communications sent until you explicitly make a nomination request or launch the 360. 

How it works

When you create a 360 you now save it as a draft.


From the process manager you edit, launch or kick off nomination via bulk actions.


If you want employees to pick their own reviewers you can use the new "Request nomination" action to send them a request. 


Once sent, the 360 will show as "Nominating" in the process manager. Like now, if the 360 is edited and saved with one or more reviewers chosen, it will change to "Ready".

Skipping nomination

If you'd prefer to assign reviewers yourself you can skip nomination entirely. Just assign reviewers yourself and go straight to "Launch" when you're ready to go.


What if I'm already part way through a 360 roll out?

The will be very little effect on any 360s that were in Nominate and Ready before the change – the 360s will be in the same state they were in (Draft is new so will only affect 360s created after the release). Changes to keep in mind:

  • The Nominate and Ready processes will have a ‘save draft’ button instead of ‘update’.
  • Prior to this change, employee nomination requests were automatic, triggered if a 360 was created with no reviewers. Now you must use the "Request nomination" bulk action.
  • 360s can now only be launched via process manager (not from the create/configure page).

Drafts and batch 360s

This feature works with our CSV batch creation feature, enabling your customer success coach to handover a batch of Draft 360s, enabling you to safely review the 360s with full control over how reviewers are selected and when they are launched.

Get in touch with your customer success coach to find out more or create a batch of 360s for your next survey.

More information and instructions how to fill in the csv template.

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