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"When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” – Betty Bender

Companies are paying close attention to workplace wellbeing now more than ever. While organizations define what wellbeing means to them and develop goals around how they want to tackle creating a better workplace for everyone, it can often be hard to know where to start and how to begin collecting the data you need. That’s why we created our very own wellbeing survey. Your first step, however, is to ask yourself this question. Why is it beneficial for everyone to address workplace wellbeing? 

Why should workplaces care about wellbeing?

When companies invest in researching, measuring and acting on wellbeing, it benefits everyone. There’s growing evidence that work wellbeing is part of a bigger picture of better functioning individuals, organizations and societies. Many studies even show a direct link between productivity levels and the general health and wellbeing of the workforce.

By studying wellbeing science, Work on Wellbeing (WoW) found that:

  • Workers become more productive at work to the tune of about US$1000 per year.
  • Workers are generally healthier, so sick days are cut in half.
  • Wellbeing increases organizational citizenship behaviour (workers helping others at work).
  • Workers react more positively to workplace changes.
  • Workers being more positive about their workplace, so they are more likely to say good things to others and less likely to look for other work.

Apart from the above evidence, it makes a lot of financial sense to measure and monitor wellbeing. We’ve seen, time and time again, that organizational wellbeing can provide a company with a return of approximately 3 to 5 times the original investment (Goetzel & Ozminkowski, 2008; Rath & Harter, 2010).

With today’s talent landscape being more competitive than ever, a workplace that invests in wellbeing can be seen as a great place to work and can boost its reputation and attraction. But despite the strong business case for wellbeing and the increasing awareness of the importance of workplace wellbeing, there is little consistency or accepted practice in how to understand and measure workplace wellbeing that results in actionable insights for a company. That’s why Culture Amp is releasing its very own wellbeing survey.

Why did we create a wellbeing survey?

Currently, there are very little consistent, holistic approaches to assessing wellbeing. Most assessments are limited to job satisfaction type questions or focus only on a few domains. In other words, they fail to capture the complex and multidimensional nature of workplace wellbeing. We, at Culture Amp, wanted to offer a holistic wellbeing survey that is grounded in research and modern concepts of wellbeing. 

What is Culture Amp’s wellbeing survey?

To create a world-class wellbeing survey, we partnered with Work on Wellbeing (Wow), an organization that’s helping companies measure and assess individual level workplace happiness and wellbeing. With their expertise in combining some of the strongest global researchers and thought leaders in the space, we’re able to ensure that our new survey is robust and relevant in the context of a modern workplace. As a result, our wellbeing survey is an innovative diagnostic tool for companies looking to develop a stronger culture of wellbeing, and understand the unique drivers of employee wellbeing in their place of work.

We define wellbeing as “a state in which people are able to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, build positive relationships with others, cope with the normal stresses of life, and make a meaningful contribution”.

Using this definition we drew upon well-known wellbeing models and concepts such as PERMA, hedonic and eudaimonic wellbeing, subjective wellbeing, flourishing, and the more recent work looking at resilience and mental health.

Survey Factors

Our survey encompasses crucial core factors that will allow you to understand how your organization is going against perceived:

  • Company and leadership commitment
  • Culture support
  • Manager Support
  • Effectiveness of existing program/initiatives

You will also gain a deeper understanding of how individuals are going in regards to:

  • Overall workplace wellbeing
  • Retention (flight risk)
  • Rest and Recovery (resilience)
  • Work pressure and stress
  • Work/life blend
  • Meaningful work
  • Self-determination (autonomy)
  • Work relationships and belonging
  • Progress and growth - including challenge and enjoyment

To support meaningful insight and progress, all of the survey questions (excluding the outcome measure) are actionable either at a company or individual level.

When should you use a wellbeing survey?

You can roll out a wellbeing survey or sub-set of questions at any time. It’s a great way to understand how you are tracking on wellbeing in your company - this might be to help make better decisions about what wellbeing initiatives are needed and to understand the impact of those initiatives already in place.

Our wellbeing survey is particularly relevant if you are interested in:

  • Fostering an overall culture of wellbeing.
  • Being a workplace of choice by making wellbeing a part of your employer branding.
  • Building resilience in fast growth.
  • Preventing burnout.
  • Reducing sick days, absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Increasing retention.

Our workplace wellbeing survey is as great for companies that are starting out as it is for companies that are already investing in workplace wellbeing. To help you set out on the right path, it’s an easy yet robust way of understanding where to focus to ensure you are building a culture of wellbeing, and as a result, a better workplace. 

The survey is available now for all existing engagement and full platform customers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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