12/20/18: Edit comment sentiment and topics

Our text analytics tool automatically assigns a sentiment and up to two topics to most comments. However having a human read a comment and change the default sentiment and topic is now possible. Our ELF (Employee Language Focused) robot does not pick up some of the subtleties of language like sarcasm, but a human can. If a person's comment covers many themes, you can review and decide which theme they discussed the most, or seems to be the most important.

A couple of points to note:

  • Only Admins can adjust comment sentiment and topics.
  • Only two topics maximum can be assigned per comment.

To edit the comment classifications:

  1. Go to the Comments report
  2. Scroll past the bubble chart to start reading the comments
  3. Click the down arrow on the sentiment tag for a comment to choose an alternative tag, or
  4. Click the 'x' to remove a topic, or
  5. Click Add topic link to select another topic


Read more about our Text Analytics.



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