01/23/19: Fantastic improvements in 360 communications

We're excited to announce a bunch of new enhancements in 360 communications in the last few months. We believe that your communications with employees and managers create a lasting impression, so we want you to put your best foot forward. All of the new communications improve employee and manager experience, while ensuring that everyone knows what to do and when and that you get a high feedback response rate.

Bundling communications

When an employee has been asked to give feedback to several people at once, they will now receive one email with a list of all the people who have requested feedback. Previously, they would have received separate emails for each person. This also goes for coaches who are coaching multiple employees. 

Specifically, the emails and reminders that are bundled are Invite Reviewer, Reviewer Reminder, Coach Invitations, and Coach Feedback Due Date Passed. To see which communications are sent to who, when and why, see Individual Effectiveness Communications (or similar article for the 360 survey configuration that you plan to use).


Shorter and styled copy in all emails

All 360 communications have now been radically shortened and are visually pleasing, allowing your readers to get the information they need at first glance. Each of them finish with a clear call to action: Choose Reviewers, Give Feedback, Complete self-review, Visit your homepage, View your 360 report and so on. All these changes make the communications more clear and engaging, while helping drive employees and managers to giving and reviewing feedback. 

To get the best experience out of Culture Amp, including the latest communications, create a new survey using one of our templates.

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