2019 Health & Wellness Benchmark

"Employees in Health and Wellness organizations are above average in their belief that their organization allows them to make a positive difference."


Our Health & Wellness benchmark is representative of fitness clubs and activities, nutrition products, allied health organizations and wholistic health platforms.

Note that this is an emerging benchmark.

Anatomy of the benchmark:

Response rate:

  • 78% average response rate across all companies
  • Bottom quartile (25th percentile) was 67% participation
  • Top quartile (75th percentile) was 87% participation

Sub industries:

  • Health, Wellness and Fitness

Distribution by sub-region:

  • North America: 62%
  • Asia: 17%
  • Oceania: 12%
  • Europe: 7%

Glassdoor ratings:

We have connected the employee feedback data with ratings for each company included in the benchmark to provide the below insights.

  • 3.5/5 stars average overall company rating
  • 56% average CEO approval
  • 65% average recommend to friend

Key Insights and Data for the People Geeks!

How engaged are employees in Health & Wellness?

Insight: Employees in Health & Wellness tend to be more engaged than employees in other regions. Higher engagement scores across Health & Wellness are primarily a function of greater intention to remain at the organization over the longer-term.



Health & Wellness employee engagement scores by percentile

If you are interested in the spread of employee engagement ratings, below are the engagement scores by percentile.

Bottom quartile (25th percentile) 63%
Median (50th percentile) 69%
Top quartile (75th percentile) 75%

Questions included and excluded:

Engagement Questions Excluded: The following questions did not have enough responses to be included in this generation this year.

  • I have been provided an opportunity to see and discuss recent employee survey results
  • My manager, or someone else, has communicated some clear actions based on recent employee survey results
  • I have seen positive changes taking place based on recent employee survey results
  • %ACCOUNT_NAME% is a great company for me to make a contribution to my development
  • We acknowledge people who deliver outstanding service here
  • We are genuinely supported if we choose to make use of flexible working arrangements

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