Edit an engagement survey that already launched

NOTE: This article is only applicable for Engagement Surveys created after April 2019. If your Engagement Survey was created prior to this date, please refer to Edit a survey.

To edit a survey

  1. click the Edit survey button for a specific survey on your Surveys page
  2. click the Questions tab
  3. click the Edit questions button mceclip3.png
  4. click the question to edit a specific section or question (sections can be expanded using the Expand/Collapse chevron icon), or
  5. click the Delete icon to delete a section or question, or
  6. click Up arrow on hover to rearrange questions within a section
  7. to move questions outside the section click the chevron icon to expand the question and the dropdown to move questions to another section3.jpg
  8. click the add new section link to create a new section, or
  9. click the add question link to create a new question within a section, or
  10. click the preview icon to see a demonstration of the survey, or
  11. click the copy link icon to copy the URL to your clipboard, or
  12. click the pdf icon to open a printable version

Questions not shown to participants

All new engagement surveys created after April 2019 will have a section called Questions Not Shown to Participants. This is viewed on the bottom of the survey designer application and refers to survey questions that are hidden from survey respondents. This may happen on engagement surveys question is manually moved to "Questions not shown to participants".

Sample below:

Moving a question to "Questions not shown to participants"


Question has been successfully moved to "Questions not shown to participants"

NOTE: Deleting a section does not move the questions underneath the deleted section to "Questions not shown to participants" contrary to the old designer where it automatically does this.

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