2019 Sports Clubs & Associations Benchmark

"Development opportunities is the top driver of engagement for these  sporting organizations."


The Sports Clubs & Associations benchmark represents organizations that manage sports players and compete in professional competitions. These organizations are often characterized by some casual or part-time people and specialized knowledge within their industry. This benchmark is heavily represented by Australian Rules Football League (AFL) teams.

Note that this is an emerging benchmark.

Anatomy of the benchmark:

Response rate:

  • 83% average response rate across all companies
  • Bottom quartile (25th percentile) was 73% participation
  • Top quartile (75th percentile) was 94% participation

Sub industries:

  • Sports

Distribution by sub-region:

  • Oceania: 77%
  • North America: 18%
  • Europe: 2%

Glassdoor ratings:

We have connected the employee feedback data with ratings for each company included in the benchmark to provide the below insights.

  • 3.4/5 stars average overall company rating
  • 38% average CEO approval
  • 60% average recommend to friend

Key Insights and Data for the People Geeks!

How engaged are employees in Sport Clubs & Associations?

Insight: Employees in Sport Clubs & Associations tend to be more engaged than employees in other regions. Higher engagement scores across Sport Clubs & Associations are primarily a function of their ability to develop and grow within their field.

Sport Clubs & Associations employee engagement scores by percentile

If you are interested in the spread of employee engagement ratings, below are the engagement scores by percentile.

Bottom quartile (25th percentile) 67%
Median (50th percentile) 72%
Top quartile (75th percentile) 78%

Questions included and excluded:

Engagement Questions Excluded: The following questions did not have enough responses to be included in this generation this year.

  • I have been provided an opportunity to see and discuss recent employee survey results
  • My manager, or someone else, has communicated some clear actions based on recent employee survey results
  • I have seen positive changes taking place based on recent employee survey results
  • I believe action will take place as a result of this survey

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