03/21/19 Keyword Search for comments

You can now search on key words and phrases within your comments report.

As part of this rollout every customer has this feature turned on by default


Where will you find this feature?

  1. Go to the comments section
  2. Below the bubble chart, above the comments and to the right of the screen you'll see the search field
  3. This appears on any survey with a 'comments report' (excludes 360 & performance surveys) On open and closed surveys


Why did we build Search

Our research showed that one of the activities our customers are doing after exporting comments is searching on words / names eg: comments around people leaders or themes you know are hot topics within the organization that our current text analysis won't pick up like "office move."

We wanted to enable this behavior in platform to assist you with your analysis.


Tips using keyword search

1. Whatever word you enter into the search bar will return comments with exact word matches in any order sequence within the one comment:

For example when searching: "Hot desk" you might see: "my desk gets hot being near the window" or "I really like the idea of hot desk"

2. Special characters eg: $!@ are ignored in searches

3. This is an exact match feature eg: when searching for "on" the results will show all comments with "on" NOT "only" or "one."

4. Some languages that use picture characters (such as Chinese or Japanese)can be searched, but require a space between the picture characters to find a match. The platform searches whole words only, not partial words.


What's next?

We have some exciting ideas on how we can make the keyword search feature even better for you e.g. favourite this comment, save this search, retag with customised label, export this search only, highlight key word. Watch this space.


Where can I get more information or direct my questions?
Please contact our support team ( with any questions you may have who will pass them onto the comments team.


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