04/08/19: New Inspirations for Individual Effectiveness (360)

We're very excited to announce that we now have inspirations to help your employees act on their Individual Effectiveness results. 

We developed these inspirations to provide them and their coaches with real-world tested ideas for action. When an employee has selected a focus area and is ready to work on it, our platform automatically surfaces suggested inspirations. Individuals are able to read through the ideas for action, select those that resonate and edit to put into their own words. 

We update our inspirations regularly with new and innovative ideas that come from our People Geek community. So these ideas for taking action will never grow stale.





Any of your Individual Effectiveness 360 surveys created after 8th April will automatically use these new inspirations.

Admins have the ability to edit these inspirations or add their own. You can find this option under Survey Configurations page, then look for Inspirations link in the side menu. 



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