03/22/19: 2019 Benchmarks Available

2019 Employee Engagement benchmarks have been generated and are now available for all customers to request a benchmark be loaded into their surveys as comparisons.

We have prepared a 2019 Benchmarks Overview page to summarize all possible benchmarks Engagement to Effectiveness. Every benchmark has an available reference page of its own.

This year, we've generated 23 new benchmarks across geographies (e.g., Germany) and industries (e.g., Marketing and Advertising) to make it easier for customers to compare themselves to similar organizations to themselves.

If you are a new customer, please see our advice on using benchmarks and viewing comparisons in reports.

Every year we review our benchmark offerings to ensure we're providing the most relevant comparisons we can from our increasingly broad customer base.

To read more about our benchmark generation process, see Why are Culture Amp benchmarks special?.


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