Give and request feedback directly from coworkers

There are a couple of ways to give and request feedback in the flow of work, including:

In this article, we’ll show you how to give and request feedback on the Culture Amp website.

How to request feedback

Starting from the home screen in Performance, click on Feedback tab -> Choose Feedback about you.
Search for who you would like to request feedback from.
Add a specific question to prompt feedback.


How to give requested feedback

Within the Notification bell to the top right area of your Platform you’ll receive a feedback request:



Click the notification to start giving feedback.
If your organisation has set up skill cards you will respond to those first. The right hand side indicates that your co-worker truly excels at this skill. The left hand side means that your co-worker is approaching greatness, but could benefit from mentorship on the subject. If you’d like you can choose to skip a skill card (if you don’t feel you can assess their ability on that skill) or all of them if you’d prefer to give qualitative feedback. 


You will see the specific question(s) they've asked at the top of the text box where you can write in your response and feedback. 
Finally you may have the option to decide if you’d like your feedback to be shared with their manager as well if this is enabled on your account. 


How to give unsolicited feedback

If you’d like to give feedback to someone who has not requested your feedback, you’ll start from the Home screen and click on Give feedback in the top right corner.
Then you can search for the individual you would like to give feedback to.
You will have the opportunity to assess the individual’s skills (as outlined above).
You can flip through the feedback templates to help you craft actionable and effective feedback.

Finally you may have the option to decide if you’d like your feedback to be shared with their manager as well. 


Note: There is a minimum character count of 5 (including spaces) for each feedback field. If entering < 5 characters you’ll see a little warning and the feedback won’t be submitted

TIP: Need help crafting effective feedback? Check out our video course.
For customers on our EU server, please use this link

Info for Admins on feedback template customisation can be found here

Giving Feedback/Skills Cards FAQ's

How does the platform choose which skills cards to display when giving feedback?

An algorithm checks if any skills have been recently rated, and if so, the platform will try to surface different skills the next time round so that users get a variety of feedback.

This is based on a 30 day cycle, so if for example there are 20 skills assigned, the first batch of cards will not be shown again for another 30 days if you were to give that person feedback again in the meantime. 

Why don’t I see any skills cards being displayed when trying to give feedback?

There are a few reasons why skills cards may not be displayed:

  • Your organisation may not be using the skill cards feature currently, or have not yet created/assigned the skills cards. You’ll likely need to reach out to your Manager or HR/People Team to check on this.
  • You're using an integration or app (Chrome, Slack or Teams). Skill cards are only displayed on the Culture Amp website.
  • In rare cases there may not be any more skills left to surface, i.e all of the skills have been rated from previous requests (see "How does the platform choose which skills cards to display when giving feedback?" above). This is intentional, as it’s likely that you won’t be giving feedback to the same person multiple times within a 30 day period. 

What happens if I leave the feedback request part way through?

If you discontinue the feedback part way through (by clicking ‘back’ or closing the tab/browser) at any point prior to clicking on the ‘Send feedback’ button, the request remains draft state, but only in terms of any skills cards you may have rated.  Any feedback you type is not automatically saved unless submitted (sent). 

This means when you return to the request later on (this could be minutes, hours, days, weeks or months later), you may see a different batch of skills to rate this time (or no skills cards at all if there aren’t any left to surface) and you’ll need to type out any feedback that wasn’t submitted last time round.

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