Manage how performance reviews are shared (former Performance cycle process)

NOTE: This documentation refers to our former Performance cycle process. Please refer to how to launch a unified performance cycle for our current Performance cycle process. 

As an administrator, you have the opportunity to select which responses you'd like managers to share with their direct reports once they have completed their reviews, as well as enable when sharing is available for managers. When sharing is enabled, managers, administrators and HRBPs are able to share completed reviews.

Identify which questions​ will be shared

  • As you progress through the performance review creation workflow, you'll arrive at the Select sharing step.
  • Select the questions to be shared by managers with their direct reports. You'll be able to return to this screen to update your selections at any time until the cycle goes live.
  • As managers complete reviews, shared questions will be identified with an asterisk. When managers first begin a performance review, a splash screen is provided describing how to identify shared questions within the review.


Enable sharing

  • From the Select sharing page, you also have the ability to enable sharing.
  • Sharing can be enabled at any time. Once the cycle has been created, navigate to Manage sharing under the More menu in the upper right-hand corner of the cycle summary page to enable or disable sharing.

Sharing a performance review

  • When sharing is enabled, managers will receive an in-app notification that reviews can be shared.
  • When sharing is enabled, managers are able to share reviews either individually or in bulk by clicking on the Share arrow in the left-most column of the review summary screen.
  • Administrators and HRBPs are also able to share reviews on behalf of managers by navigating to the review summary screen within Admin settings > Performance reviews.

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