04/10/19: 2019 Function Benchmarks Available

The ability to give our customers context on how they are performing is incredibly important at Culture Amp. With context, customers are able to learn how they're performing relative to similar companies and geographies.

We have published our 2019 Function benchmarks, which give customers external context scores for their different job functions (E.g., Sales, Marketing, etc.). Using the latest in machine learning techniques, we’ve we’ve evolved our Function algorithms to include three new job functions: Domain expertise, Design & Creative and Leadership.

These Function benchmarks help our customers to get a more detailed understanding of their workforce; which groups of their employees are strong/below-average in which areas. For example, your Sales people may be above-average engaged but have low scores on Leadership & L&D.

For more information, see the full list of our 2019 function benchmarks.

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