2019 Function Benchmarks

"People & experience (HR) employees as well as those in leadership positions are generally more engaged than other functions while design & creative employees tend to be slightly less engaged."


Culture Amp has a number of valuable functional benchmarks available for our customers. These functional cuts of data can be quite useful for leaders at larger organizations. It gives a leader an opportunity to compare their function to a similar external group. Data for each function is drawn from more than a thousand companies and represents the experience of thousands of employees using progressive data analytic and machine learning techniques.

Available Functions:

  • Business Operations (Business Administration, Product Management, Store Manager, etc.)
  • Customer Support (Customer service, Customer Success, Customer Experience, etc.)
  • Design & Creative (Artists, Designers, Design Manager, etc.)
  • Domain expertise (QA Engineer, Surgical Technologist, Field Technician, etc.)
  • IT and Security (Physical and Site Security, Cyber Security, Global Information Services, etc.)
  • Leadership (Executives, Dept. Directors, Senior Leadership, etc.)
  • Legal & Finance (Accounting, Auditing, Tax, Payroll, Risk, Financial Analyst, etc.)
  • People & Experience/HR (Talent, Recruitment, Training, People Operations, etc.)
  • Marketing & Communications (Brand, Digital Marketing, Partnerships, PR, etc.)
  • Research & Analytics (Analytics, Data Science, Research, etc.)
  • Sales (Commercial Sales, B2B and B2C, Sales Operations, etc.)
  • Software Engineering (Technology, Product Development, Software Development, etc.)

How engaged are employees across the different functions?

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