2019 Onboarding Benchmarks

"New starter perceptions of organizational culture change more between one months and three months than they do within the first month"


Culture Amp's onboarding surveys help companies understand the experience new employees are having, often at multiple time points so that HR can ensure that everyone is having a positive and engaging experience as they begin their journey. If interested, you can read more about the benefits of onboarding surveys and the two different approaches to onboarding surveys.

Anatomy of the benchmark:

There are many different ways to configure an onboarding survey. As indicated above, the two main approaches are to have a single point in time survey or to use multiple surveys at different time points.

Either way, the questions you include in an onboarding survey will depend on when it is sent in an employee's tenure. See which questions are included in which of the onboarding benchmarks.

After looking at when customers launch surveys, we have decided to release three onboarding benchmarks in order to best capture the cultural experiences of people joining our customer's organisations.

  • 2019 Onboarding - 2 Weeks (0 - 25 days since joined)
  • 2019 Onboarding - 1 Month (25 - 50 days since joined)
  • 2019 Onboarding - 3 Months (50 - 100 days since joined)

Note: We've used the above "days since joined" (inclusive) criteria following thorough analysis of the data. The benchmark for 3 months covers customers that run onboarding surveys at the two month and three month mark, as the data is quite similar and customers only run either not both.

As this benchmark includes data from all customers that use Onboarding surveys, almost all industries are included, from Automotive to E-Learning to Utilities.

Response rate across all onboarding surveys:

  • 67% average response rate across all companies
  • Bottom quartile (25th percentile) was 53% participation
  • Top quartile (75th percentile) was 83% participation

Key insights and data for the People Geeks!


Insight: It is expected that not all first impressions of an organization's culture when joining will remain the same. The majority of the large changes in favorable score tend to be between the one month response and the three months response. For example, "My role so far matches the role description provided to me" drops ~1 percentage point from the two week benchmark to the one month benchmark, however drops a further ~4 percentage points towards the three months time point.


Learn more

Gain a deeper understanding of what makes our benchmarks special and learn more about how we calculate our region/country benchmarks here.

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