05/29/19: 2019 Onboarding and Exit survey benchmarks now available

Understanding the experience of your employees as they join and leave your organisation are important milestones. Understanding the impact they have on the employee journey is important to ensure you are ensuring that employees are having the most positive experience possible in your organisation.

As customers run surveys at these important milestones, we can now provide customers with external comparison data in the form of benchmarks for both Exit surveys and Onboarding surveys. 

For customers running Exit surveys, they can now make use of our 2019 Exit Benchmark. Below is a graph of the favorable scores for each of the factors in our exit survey benchmark.


For customers running Onboarding surveys, they can now make use of one of our 2019 Onboarding Benchmarks depending on how many weeks after an employee joins a survey is sent. Below is a graph of the favorable scores per factor at each of the onboarding benchmark time points.


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