Platform notifications and recent activity

The 'Activity' section can be found under 'Home' section of the platform for all account and survey administrators. This screen helps you access your surveys, reports and action plans more quickly and notifies you of the latest activity in your account.



If you're a new Admin, you'll also see a checklist of tasks to complete to help you get familiar with the platform.



In focus

The 'In focus' section displays the last 4 recently accessed surveys, reports and action plans. As you interact with a survey, report or action plan in your account it will be placed in the leftmost position, providing you quick access to return to this the next time you log in. 


When first accessing your account before having looked at any surveys, reports or action plans, this section provides links to create a survey, access training or read articles to help get you started.


Activity Timeline

The Activity Timeline provides a time-based view of notifications relating to surveys you are involved in. You will receive Notifications when a survey is launched, closed, or archived or when reminders have been sent to survey participants. 

Within the Activity Timeline, you can also expect to receive Culture Amp announcements from time to time. These announcements are sent to all account and survey administrators and can contain product updates and other useful announcements.




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