2019 Finance Benchmark - Small Companies

"Recognition of outstanding service and the company's focusing on quality and improvement are top drivers of engagement."


Our Finance small company benchmark represents a broad range of finance and investment focused companies with less than 200 employees. They range from more traditional finance companies (often those focused on modernizing) as well as more disruptive finance companies that might be described as 'FinTech'.

Anatomy of the benchmark:

Response rate:

  • 84% average response rate across all companies
  • Bottom quartile (25th percentile) was 76% participation
  • Top quartile (75th percentile) was 94% participation

Sub industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Investment Management
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Commercial Real Estate

Distribution by sub-region:

  • North America: 64
  • Oceania: 23%
  • Europe: 12%
  • Asia: 1%

Glassdoor ratings:

We have connected the employee feedback data with ratings for each company included in the benchmark to provide the below insights.

  • 3.9/5 stars average overall company rating
  • 69% average CEO approval
  • 75% average recommend to friend

Key Insights and Data for the People Geeks!

How engaged are employees in Finance?

Insight: Employees in small finance companies tend to be slightly more engaged than the overall average for Finance companies. However, the differences is largely only by a couple of percentage points.  


Finance employee engagement scores by percentile

If you are interested in the spread of employee engagement ratings, below are the engagement scores by percentile.

Bottom quartile (25th percentile) 63%
Median (50th percentile) 72%
Top quartile (75th percentile) 80%


What has the biggest impact on employee engagement in Finance?

Insight: Learning and development plays a stronger role in people's engagement for smaller Finance companies than in our overall Finance benchmark, with two development questions featuring in the top five impact questions. Otherwise, the high impact questions are consistent with those at the overall Finance level.

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