06/24/19: Survey Configuration Changes

Survey configuration is getting reorganised to make it easier for account and survey administrators to prepare & launch surveys, and manage reports.

The configuration navigation menu is now separated into three sections

  • Survey Launch
  • Administration
  • Post Launch



No features have changed however sections have been better organised.


Changes of note

  • 'Factors' previously found under 'Reports Configuration' is now called 'Reporting'  and found under 'Survey launch'.
  • 'Raw Data Extract' and 'Reporting Rules' previously found in 'Settings' will now be found in 'Reporting' under 'Survey launch'.
  • 'Kiosk', 'Support name', and 'Support email' previously found in 'Settings' will now be found in 'Communications' under 'Survey launch'.
  • 'Demographics' have been removed from 'Design' into its own page and menu item found under 'Survey launch'. 
  • 'Design' has been renamed 'Questions'.
  • Exit & Onboarding (continuous) surveys have a new page called 'Workflow' which contain all of the other continuous survey relevant tabs which used to exist in the 'Design' page.


  • 'Administrators', 'Operations', and 'Audit log' previously found under 'Survey configuration' are now in their own section called 'Administration'.

NOTE: This feature has not yet been released. Please contact if you are interested in learning more.


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