Assign a user the role of Survey Creator

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How to assign a user the role of survey creator

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators


Other users in your organization can be given Survey Creator access in Culture amp.  Account Administrators must assign the Survey Creator role to a user. You can also make people just a Survey Administrator for specific surveys. Make sure the people you want to become administrators are already loaded in as users. There is no limit on how many Survey Creators you can create for your account.

To assign a Survey Creator

  1. click Settings button
  2. click the Administrators menu
  3. click View Role button next to Survey Creator
  4. click Add Survey Creator
  5. use the Search box to type part of the person's name or email address
  6. select whether you would like the creator to be able to send surveys and share results with all employees, or only some employees
  7. If you have selected some employees, enter the demographics and demographic values that will be accessible to the Survey Creator. You can find more information about this below.
  8. click Add button

An email is automatically sent to the new Survey Creator, providing a link to set a password for Culture Amp (only if they don't already have a login).mceclip0.png


The Survey Creator will now be able to create and manage surveys using the 'Create Surveys' button on their homepage:


The survey creator role has access to all surveys that they have created themselves. 

Assigning demographic filters

When assigning demographic filters, you must select both a demographic and a value. For example, a demographic might be ‘Location’ while a value might be ‘San Francisco’. In this instance, the Survey Creator would only be able to create and manage surveys for employees within the San Francisco office. You can also assign multiple values to a demographic.



To remove a Survey Creator role

  1. click Settings button
  2. click the Administrators menu
  3. locate the user in the list of Survey Creators
  4. click the 'trash' icon next to the User's name.

If the Survey Creator role is removed from a person, they will no longer be able to create surveys, but they remain Survey Administrator for any surveys they created.

Not sure this is the right role? Check out all of your options here.

NOTE: It is not possible to remove or change the filters on your own Survey Creator role. Ask an Account Administrator, or contact

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