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Public praise is peer-to-peer feedback visible to your entire organization. Celebrate colleagues, thank teammates for a job well done, and give quality feedback in the flow of work with public praise.

Culture Amp Performance's Praise Wall enables your team to share public kudos about anyone in your organization. You can find the Praise Wall in the Feedback dropdown, under Organization.


You can also provide praise directly from a Quick Comment by navigating to the Find a colleague tile on the Home page and clicking Search Directory. Select Quick Comment by hovering over a colleague's tile.



Public praise triggers an email and in-app notification to the recipient. In addition to living on the Praise Wall, praise is also visible to both the recipient and their manager on the recipient's employee profile to refer to while completing a self-reflection or performance review. Additionally, any praise given through the 'Praise Wall' will be visible to any user in the platform - to support them in activities like responding to 'Manager-requested feedback' and collaborating on evaluations.

More information

For more information on providing peer-to-peer feedback to colleagues, check out:


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