Introducing a new Admin role: Survey Data Analyst

Due to our ongoing commitment to data privacy, we are limiting the extracting of raw data for engagement and effectiveness surveys to a new role, the Survey Data Analyst.


Raw Data Extracts are extremely sensitive (they contain all responses and all employee data). Previously when RDEs were enabled on the survey level, Survey Administrators for that survey as well as all Account Administrators were able to extract raw data.

As part of the release of this new administration role, the ability of other roles to extract raw data from Engagement and Effectiveness surveys has been removed. 

We've made an exception in the case of Experience surveys: as those are identifiable by nature and raw data extracts do not expose any additional information, compared to the in-platform reporting. In Onboarding/Exit surveys RDEs are enabled by default, and all admins can extract raw data for Experience surveys.


I'm an Account/Survey admin who needs to extract raw data!  How do I do that now?

Don't worry - if you're an Account Administrator or Survey Administrator who needs to extract raw data for surveys, you can be assigned as a Survey Data Analyst in addition to your current admin role.


How do I assign the new role?

Account administrators can assign other users as Survey Data Analysts using these instructions.

There's a summary of all administration roles here.


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