12/10/19: Customers can self-manage their own comparisons and benchmarks


Comparisons are an important part of interpreting your Culture Amp Results. Culture Amp has two kinds of comparisons available for customers; internal and external comparisons. To learn more, see our advice on using comparisons.

Customers now don't have to contact Culture Amp support to add an external benchmark or internal comparison. Customers are now empowered to manage their own comparisons, by adding, removing and reordering the comparisons for their surveys. 

This new feature is available to customers on the Comparisons menu item of their survey configuration. With comparisons loaded, the following will be available to them. See how to add comparisons to your survey.


Customers are now able to edit the label for the 'Company Overall' comparison option shown in reporting. This lets customers give it a name that is relevant to their organizational context.

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